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Anne Arctic is a Novi Star that may have a relation with Ina Ferna, as they
Anne Artwork
seem to come from the same planet on opposite sides. She and Ina were released as part of the "Novi Invasion" line.

Anne's special ability is that she has snow throughout her entire body. When the doll is turned upside down (and right side up) the cosmic snow will float around throughout her body.

She is 3 million Cryo-years old and her favorite colors are most likely white and shades of blue.


A super chill girl who always takes things easily with a neutral and relaxed disposition. Nothing can frazzle this girl. She is very caring and while she may have cold hands, she has a very warm heart!

Because of her obsession with all things cold, Anne doesn't really understand how microwaves work or why anyone would even want to use one. She loves anything made of ice cream, including sundaes, shakes, maybe even frozen yogurt and smoothies.

Her fashion style is shimmering and frosty.

Anne wants to teach earth girls how to play everything really cool, but she would also like to learn how she can enjoy the warm, sunny beach without melting!


Anne has a pure white, shimmering body with some of her parts being translucent, as if glass or pure ice. Her eyes are bright blue, worn with what looks to be silvery, pale blue eye makeup. The spots above her eyes are white and her lipstick is a dull shade of blue. Her inner-eye markings seem to be shaped like her planet she comes from. Also note, she may be part polar bear. She has little white ears with blue coloring inside them on the top of her head, near her curly antennae. Her milky-blue hair is very short and worn in a point, resembling a big shard of ice. Her bangs are spiked and end in the center of her face between her eyes.

Anne wears a shimmering, dull blue, sleeveless dress with a lot of white furry trim surrounding it and a big black sewn line going down the center-side. She wears a pair of blue shoes.


Like Nita Light, Ina Ferna, and the sister's. Anne does not have a pet.


  • Anne Arctic doll. Comes with white brush and stand.

Doll Differences

This part of the page will list differences between the doll and the official artwork.

  • Lips are much lighter
  • Eyelashes covered in glitter
  • Hair isn't as detailed, and it also seems shorter
  • Dress has short sleeves while the artwork shows no sleeves.
  • The hands of the doll are pale blue in color.
  • The dolls head is half white and half blue.

Blog Entries


"Hello Earthlings, I’m Anne Arctic and I’m here on Earth to teach girls how to play it cool. I’m super chill and although I’m filled with cosmic snow I have a warm heart! Something I really just don’t get is microwaves. Why would you want to heat up anything?!"


  • Anne Arctic name is coined from "Antarctic".
  • Her action feature is similar to that of Una Verse, only Una has glitter instead of snow.
  • Anne's "cyro-years" is a reference to Cyrogenics. Which is the study of freezing objects at very low temperatures. Fitting of someone who originated on a freezing world!
  • She might know Ina Ferna as they are from two sides of the same planet. (Source, on Alien Acres or the commercial they are on a planet that splits in the middle.)


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