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Ari Roma, also known as "Staria" by her friends, is one of the main characters in Novi Stars.
Ari Roma

Ari Roma has a very noticeable scent included on the doll that is a sweet mixture of Cherry and Strawberry. It's very noticeable and pleasant smelling.

Ari is 3000 eons old and her favorite color is Purple!


Ari Roma is the best friend anybody would love to have! She is always bubbly and upbeat and can usually be found playing with her curling iron. But when she is angry or in a foul mood, Ari isn't one to cross. She doesn't seem to embarress very easily, though she does sometimes hate and dislike her air helmet, since she worries she may not be able to kiss or get close to someone because of it.

In both the literal and figuritive sense, Ari is an air head. She doesn't seem to be as knowledgeable as the others and may need a few minutes to figure out things. But her sweetness makes up for it and it's possible she is the most girly out of the novi, due to her boy crazy tendencies.

Ari usually wears light, cute, and airy clothing in order to seem appealing and often includes a few hearts somewhere on her outfits. She can't stand hats though, considering she always has to wear a bubble on her head until she can learn to breath Earth air.

Her mission involves the desire to kiss an Earth Boy, and her favorite Earth food is pizza.


Ari has light pink skin and blue colored eyes with stars in them. She wears blue eye makeup and has pink lips. Her hair is a violet shade of purple and very long if the thick strand she leaves down implies anything. Most of her hair frames her face with few stray curls at her forehead, but she wears the rest of it up in very curly, afro-puff pigtails with few loose curls. She has a very long curly, strand of hair that is about floor length and decorated with blue stars, pink hearts, a white beaded piece, and green and pink beads. On her head, there are blue star clips. Her antennae are silver and wired with blue stars held at the top in the center.

Ari wears a black/dark blue spandex one piece underneath a translucent green dress worn with a white belt. Her shoes resemble black chunky mini-boots. Her bubble/helmet somewhat resembles a thick almond shape, to fit her head and it has a metallic black bow attached to the side and hearts on the bottom.

Orbit Beach

For the beach, Ari has pulled all of her hair into a low, single pieced, very curly hairdo, but with a single drill of it coming out of the top of her helmet, resembling a palm tree. The helmet worn has a big heart shaped design around her face.

Ari wears a black bathing suit with pink coloring at the bottom, ribbons on the side with sparkly gold translucent ruffles attached, and a pink bow attached to a bubble heart, at her chest. Her shoes are pink heeled sandals with studs lining the bottom and ballerina wrapping going mid-leg.


O2 is a little yellow skinned girl with big blue, starry eyes. She has yellow and magenta hair worn in pigtails held with blue scrunchies. Her suit and beaded heart crown are also magenta in color. On her tummy/chest is a sparkly blue heart and like Ari, she wears a Bubble over her head with two small pink hearts on each side.


  • Basic Ari: Comes with __ theme colored box and __ crown.
  • Orbit beach: Comes with neon pink brush and translucent pink sunglasses
  • Pink T-shirt
  • Purple-pink lipgloss in 4 piece pack
  • Makeup kits
  • 5 piece nailpolish
  • Bubblegum scented decals

Doll Differences

This part of the page will list differences between the doll and the official artwork.

  • Ari's antennae lack the blue star piece and styling the art has.
  • Her eye shadow is very lacking, while the blue spots are purple.
  • Her star marks in her eyes resemble shooting stars, instead of plain stars.
  • Her hair isn't as long, lacks the curl and beads, and is also messy in comparison and lacks bangs.
  • The Doll lacks the Black hairbow that Ari has on her bubble.
  • The necklace is slightly different
  • Her shoes are plain purple
  • The dolls has a bracelet that the art lacks.
  • The belt is yellow colored with two hearts in the center.
  • The dolls skin is a shade of purple, not soft pink.

 Orbit Beach

  • The skin on the doll is darker then in the art
  • The doll has pink translucent sunglasses
  • Instead of heels the doll wears boots.
  • The dolls outfit in general doesn't seem as colorful.


  • The piece on the very top of her bubble lacks coloring
  • Her hair is miscolored
  • The hearts of her bubble helmet lack coloring.

Blog Entries

To avoid taking up the entire page the blog entries have been given their own page.


He clearly has great taste so I just know that if we meet someday he’ll definitely like me!

Yesterday me and the girls went to eat that yellow and red triangle food. I think you call it Zippa? Oh wait… Pizo? PIZZA! That’s it!


  • Ari Roma name is coined from "Aroma" which is a term for a scent.
  • It's possible that before she came to Earth, Ari's hair wasn't curled the way it is. She mentions having spent a while with her "magic wand" putting curls into her hair once she discovered it.
  • Ari's favorite pizza topping is pineapple.
  • During the commercial with Ari in it, it mentions her scent is Bubble Gum. Which goes with her comment in a blog entry reguarding the inside of her helmet. But ont he box her scent is Strawberry and Cherries in merchandise.
  • Ari seems to have "bubble gum" magic.
  • Ari can be seen not wearing her helmet during "Makeover". In Meet Nita Light, she is shown taking it off as well.
  • In earlier images, Ari's bubble had actual coloring to it instead of being all clear.


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