Carmela Sweet


Stretched out over 15 years


A gummy soft body


To pop, lock and gum drop it!



Favorite Food

Presumably candy


Novi Invasion 2014

Theme Colors

Pink, Blue, Purple

Carmela Sweet is one of the four Novi Stars released in 2014 as a part of the Invasion series along with Frostina Sprinkles


Carmela is a sweet girl who can sometimes be a little sour. She often gets herself into sticky situations which means she needs help from her friends from time to time.

She has a real sweet tooth and wants to learn how to eat candy without getting cavities.


Carmela is a light pink glittering Novi with a semi-translucent body, as it is gummy in texture. She has big orange and blue eyes that resemble a swirled piece of candy, red-pink lips, and an orange and yellow marking below the right eye. She has cyan eyeshadow with light yellow lashes to match the three yellow dots over each eye. Carmel's hair is a dull mauve color with streaks of blue and pink strewn through it. She wears her hair with straight cut bangs, and pulls the rest of it up into very curly pigtails, each with an ice cream cone attached to it using blue ribbon or hair.

Carmela wears a white and dark purple striped top with one sleeve going over the right shoulder, and a shiny skirt composed of seperate colored segments with a bright blue and pink bow on the side. She wears purple boots with dark purple platform chunked heels with yellow and green toe.  


  • Carmela Sweet doll. Comes in a pink themed box. Includes an orange brush. 

Doll Differences

  • In the artwork, the ice cream cones have her hair wrapped around them.
  • The doll's dress is blue, pale blue and pink whereas the dress in the artwork is orange, yellow, green, pink and blue.
  • The bow in the artwork is blue, yellow and pink whereas the bow on the doll is blue, orange and pink.
  • The doll's shoes have less detail.
  • In the artwork, the candy swirl facepaint is mirrored and the lipstick is a brighter pink.
  • The doll's eyelashes are more colourful.
  • In the artwork, Carmela has the same antennae as Una.



  • Only Carmela's legs are gummy as opposed to her whole body. 
  • Being candy themed, Carmela's name could be swapped with Frostina's and still fit.