This is a directory page for every character that appears in Novi Stars. Click on the image or link to be taken to the characters page, where you can find all sorts of information related to them. 

Characters will be listed in order of appearance. 

Main Cast


Novi Invasion




  • Justin Bieber was mentioned a few times
  • Lady Gaga
  • Earth Boys: mentioned multiple times by the girls, who seem to have a major interest in them.
  • Derek: Alie's crush, His hand can be seen in the Vlog; Beauty Crisis. You can also hear his voice too.


  • In terms of coloring, there are more pink and white aliens then any other color.
    • No character as of yet has had red, orange, or yellow skin 
  • Almost all Novi Star has a pet, aside from those released near the end of the line/only in Europe