Doe A. Deer
Doe A Deer Art


1,0000012 (add the points of her antlers to a million)


A body of fuzzy Deer fur


A little Deer with antlers


Help girls unleash their inner party animal

Favorite Food

Possibly Roses


Wave 2 Super Novas

Theme Colors

Green, Purple

Doe A. Deer is a brand new Novi Star released after the Novi Star Hiatus. She will be released in the second wave of Super Novas with three other characters: Justina Hour, Carmela Sweet, and Frostina Sprinkles.


Doe has a hair-raising personality. She may be soft with a fur coat always in season but she loves to have a wild time. She wants to teach girls how to have a good time without care or worry. 

She wishes to learn how to enjoy and relax, to stop and smell the roses; now if only she could just stop eating them!


Doe is a white Alien girl with pale brown fur all over her legs, arms, hands, and feet. She has dark grape-colored eyes with a deer symbol in them. Light brown surrounds her eyes, while she has pale lavender and lilac dots on top of each eye. Her lips are dark purple-black. As she is deer-oriented, Doe has a pair of brown antlers, with short silver antennae jagged in shape to match. Her hair is a soft violet colors and worn straight, with the hair seperating into thin, long curly strands near the bottom. 

Doe wears a cute grass-green dress with a big, leaf-shaped piece draped across her left shoulder. At the lower side of her stomach is a pretty pink flower, while the skirt is a pleat in four layers. Her shoes are dark grape colored with black platform at the toe, and a silver buckle around each ankle. 


  • Super Novas Doe doll. Comes with a pale pink hairbrush and in a dull pink themed box. 

Doll Differences

Doe A Deer Doll

  • Her antennae match antlers more-so then the design variant. 
  • Her hair is a soft lilac color and appears to be "fuller".
  • Her legs lack brown fur. 
  • Her skirt is only two layers instead of four.
  • She has pink eyeshadow instead of the brown fur/markings/eyeshadow on the design. 

Blog Entries





  • Doe's name comes from the line "Doe, a deer, a female deer",from a song called "Do-Re-Mi" in the movie "The Sound of Music".
    • As such, it is possible the A initial is only an initial, not a name.
  • Doe is the first animal-themed Novi.
    • She is also the first Novi with a textured skin feature.
  • After Mae eating tinfoil, Doe is the second Novi to eat something that most humans do not eat.  
  • Doe's shoes are designed to look like hooves, matching her animal theme.