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Gail Lexi was one of the three new Novi Stars, released with her sister Cici Thru. Sometime after Sila Clops.

She is 3,005 eons old, meaning she is older than Ari by 5 eons and older than Cici by 305 years.

Her theme coloring seems to be on the cooler color scale, being shades of blue, purple, and teal/white.


While both Gail and Cici have some similarities, Gail seems to be much more in control and calm then her more perky and colorful sister. While Cici plans to put her mission to work on herself, Gail wants to help the earth girls, much like the other Novi's. She plans to teach and help them realize they can be anything they want to be!

Gail is very modest, mature, and smart. She always thinks clearly about everything but she is known for being "totally transparent" in terms of personality. In which, compared to Cici, she isn't nearly as noticeable. She wants to improve this and learn how to stand out in the crowd.

Much like Cici, she has no specific fashion taste as it often changes. She loves frozen yogurt, due to being able to choose the toppings based on her mood. She loves to play hide and seek with her friends. However, Gail doesn't see magic tricks as interesting and exciting, due to always being transparent/invisible.


Gail Lexi is a Novi Star with a very pale purple-gray face and translucent/see-through skin from the neck down. She has soft blue eyes with pale makeup and equally pale lips, possibly meaning she does not wear any lipstick. She has swirly markings in her eyes. Gail's hair is mostly white and very, very curly. It's about knee length and also has blue and purple coloring mixed in.

Gail's antennae are very curly with multiple, small curled pieces along the top.

Gail wears cute, flirty, and just a bit revealing attire. Which consist of a teal-sea foam tank top styled dress with thin black shoulder straps and segment directly below her chest. Along with a big zipper. At the sides/bottom of the dress are two layers of hot pink ruffles. Below the skirt of her dress are odd black rings circling both legs. She wears black heels with the toe cut out and odd silver-white pieces embedding them.

Steller Skinz

Gail's official artwork for Stellar Skinz keeps her hair, eyes, and colors normal. But she is shown wearing a black and silver pair of shoes, along with a skeletal costume.


Gail doesn't have a pet, much like Nita Light and Cici Thru.


  • Stellar Skinz - Comes with doll, glow in the dark stand, white shoes, 2 skinz, a pair of wings, tail, bright pink brush, original outfit, 2 bracelets

Doll Differences

Basic Gail

  • Eye shadow is silver-lilac and pale blue, not solid blue like on the art.
  • Eyes are very dull milk-blue, the art has dark blue eyes.
  • Eye spots are all blue themed on the doll but official Gail has blue and very pale lilac spots.
  • Eye marking is much more detailed on the doll.
  • Sapphire glitter applied to lashes
  • Slight difference in antennae
  • Instead of long white curly hair with teal and dark purple markings, Gail was given the same afro pigtails with bangs and loose strands that Cici was given. Her's is half  seafoam and half light purple.
  • The doll has two bracelets that the official art lacks
  • The outfit isn't as shapely/revealing on the doll

Stellar Skinz

  • Zombie is much darker then the art version
  • The Zombie skinz only has one web segment, while the arts has two.
  • Zombie's stripes are much thicker and straight on the doll then the art
  • Zombie has a much more shapely frame on the art version
  • The art shows Gail wearing a skeleton hair clip, and a giant skeleton themed hair bow. The doll lacks both of these.
  • The skeletons bones are not nearly as detailed as the art shows them to be.
  • The Skeleton skin has a very dull purple tint, while the art shows a blue tint.

Blog Entries

For convenience, Gail has been given her own blog page: Gail Lexi's Blog Entries


"Greetings Earthlings, my name is Gail Lexi! I’m totally see-through and can change into anything with the help of some Stellar Skinz—without them I’m invisible! Something I don’t get is magic tricks—what’s the big deal about disappearing? I do it all the time!"


  • Gail Lexis' name is coined from "galaxy."
  • Gail and Cici's relationship is proved in one of Gail's blog entries.
  • While Gail and Cici have a theme like Nita, they are invisible species while Nita is more ghostly.
  • The skeleton Stellar Skin resembles a Lalaloopsy fashion pack that is a pair of pajamas with a skeleton and heart on them.
  • If the dolls are accurately based then Gail and Cici are either older Novi Stars, or they're just very tall.(If this bothers you just put her head on a Nita Light body you might have to modify the dress and skinz.)


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