Justina Hour


365 years, plus or minus


Moving Eyes (doll)


Hexagonal Spiral


To bring back cool fashions from the past or the future

Favorite Food


Wave 2 Super Novas

Theme Colors

Black, Pink

 Justina Hour is a brand new Novi Star released after the Novi Star Hiatus. She will be released in the second wave of Super Novas with three other characters: Doe A. DeerCarmela Sweet, and Frostina Sprinkles.


Justina is a know it all who can never arrive anywhere on time and is always too late or too early.

She wants to learn how to stay in one place for more than a minute and her mission is to bring cool fashions from different times to the people of earth.


Justina is a green skinned alien girl with gear patterns embossed around her face. Her eyes are a very vivid pink, each with a hexagonal spiral in them. Her straight, black and pink hair is tied into a high ponytail.

She wears a shiny, tight black dress with a pink zipper, that comes midway up her thighs. Over that she wears a studded clock belt with a long, pink, swinging pendulum and a clear pink shoulder capelet. Her shoes are black heels with pink soles and a pink heart on the front. On hear head is a matching pink and black time piece.

She has only one pink and grey spot above each eye and wears a brighter pink and silver eyeshadow. Her lipstick is a bright pink that matches her eye shadow.


  • Super Novas Justina doll. Comes with a dark gray hairbrush and in a dull purple themed box. 

Doll Differences

Justina Hour Doll

  • The artwork and original concept doll both have their hair down as opposed to tied up.
  • Her hair is slightly kinked, has a pointed fringe similar to Nita's and has silver streaks running through it which are not present on the doll.
  • The gear markings on her face are much more dominant than on the doll.
  • Her skin is a more vivid shade of green.
  • Her dress has pink stitching details that start under the bust and run parallel to the zipper.
  • Her clock belt is far more detailed than on the doll, with the clock and pendulum being black, pink and silver.
  • Her capelet is smaller but with short sleeves.
  • Over her dress she wears a pink, transparent miniskirt, shaped like oozing slime.
  • Her shoes are more detailed with a pink crack effect and dripping hearts.
  • Her antennae are a lot further apart.
  • The artwork shows no timepiece on her head.

Blog Entries





  • Justina's name is a play on "just in an hour".
  • Justina's hair is not rooted into the doll head but onto a wig that is held in place by her moving eye mechanism.
  • Without her ponytail it is likely that part of her moving eye mechanism would be visible.