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Novi Stars is a doll series of dolls released by MGA Entertainment. A company responsible for the Lalaloopsy, Bratzillaz, and many other toys!

The Tagline for the dolls is "What on Earth is going on?!"


On each doll, a short story is packaged explaining the origins of Novi Stars:

"We're the NOVI STARS and we've arrived! We're here on Earth to try new things, update your fashion trends, and make new friends. We can't wait to find out what on Earth is going on?!"


Right now, only 5 girls have been revealed. With only 4 of them being sold at the time and the 5th to come soon most-likely. Each girl has a special pet, and a special ability that only she can do.

For more information on each girl, please click on her name leading to their own pages.

Una Verse: A Dazzling diva!

Ari Roma: The Bubbly airhead

Alie Lectric: A shy, brain girl.

Mae Tallick: A Clumsy Chatterbox

Nita Light: The imaginative artist

Tula Toned: Colorful and Daring

Malie Tasker:  Very Organized

Sila Clops: Happy and Perky

Cici Thru: Very Confindent

Gail Lexi: A Calm Girl


You can find information about the pets on the above character pages too!

  • Molecule
  • O2
  • Hi-Def
  • 8-Bit
  • (Nita Light does not own a pet)
  • 1.0
  • Vortex
  • 1-Eye

Other Merchandise


  • The novi Stars may have been partially inspired by a toy series that came out around the 80's called "Spectra" which was a doll series of characters who came to earth to explore it and learn about the different fun things on earth. They'e designs are very glittery and metallic in appeal.
  • It's been revealed that the Novi girls live in California.


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