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Sila Clops is one of the three brand new Novi Stars. She was released before Gail Lexi and Cici Thru. Her special doll ability is her eye lighting up.

Sila is 37,000 lunar months old. Her theme colors seem to be pink, black, and white.


Sila is a very perky and happy alien girl who always looks on the brighter side of life! She is usually positive and upbeat. Sila is very excited to be on earth. She wants to help all of her new Earth friends by lighting the way for them and helping them stay happy. 

Sila's fashion style is described as intergalactic glam, while her favorite activity is playing flashlight tag.

Her cosmic quirk is being bright eyed (literally) and her favorite food is carrots, due to hearing how good they're supposed to be for the eyes, though she wants to experience all of Earth's foods too!

She does not understand winking, due to just having a single eye and as such, she wants to learn how to do it, if possible. She also doesn't understand why people are afraid of the dark.


Sila Clops is a dark purple-pink sparkly skinned girl with one dark pink eye in the center of her face. She doesn't seem to wear much makeup in comparison to other Novi Stars, but has pale pink lips. Sila has very long, pretty pink hair almost resembling Alie's very own, but without the bow. She has straight cut bangs just above her eye, while her hair is about foot in length, worn straight down.

Sila's antennae are slightly bendy/curly with sharp gear-shaped pieces on top.

Sila's attire is very simple and almost punk-like. Consisting of a black leather tank top with a big zipper going down the center, and a puffy white balloon skirt. She also has a pure white spiked bracelet on her left wrist and a pair of metallic-pink shoes with blue, spiked segments on the back.


Sila's pet is a strange blue creature named 1-Eye. It wears a double-belt style eye patch over it with big reflective window. It has small ear-like pieces on the sides of its head with thin green antennae with tiny blue pieces on top of each one. The pet's body is blue and stubby with a purple marking on its tummy. It has tiny fanged teeth and two thin tails with green objects on each end.


  • Sila Clops Doll: Comes with  her pet 1-eye, a stand, and a dark pink brush.  Her box theme is a dull peach with a neon orange crown piece that looks messy as it swirls into a gear shape in the center.

Doll Differences

Sila Clops

  • The doll's hair is slightly darker then the art versions, as well as having thick streaks of white throughout it.
  • The doll's lipstick is much lighter then the art, while her eyeshadow is much brighter. Also, the dolls eyelashes are white, while the art has pink.
  • The doll's shoes are brighter pink and lack the blue segments on the back.
  • Her antennae are solid silver on top, while the art has the middle cut out.
  • The doll has silver earrings which the art does not have, but this is because of her light up gimmick.


  • The heart clip and other pink parts on the eye patch (minus the part over the eye) lack its coloring.
  • Its antennae are solid green
  • Its one tail has a wrong color antenna. Both also lack coloring on their chokers. 
  • Above its eye are green markings that the art lacks.
  • The lens itself over 1-eye's eye doesn't match.
  • The heart on 1-Eye's body is a purple heart shaped marking on the art, while on the doll it's solid purple.

Blog Entries

For convenience, Sila has been given her own blog page: Sila Clops's Blog Entries


"Xie zerp kli—Uh…I mean…Greetings Earthlings! My name is Sila Clops!"

"I'm Sila Clops! I always look on the BRIGHT side!"


  • Sila Clops' name is coined from "Cyclops", a mythical creature with only one eye.
  • Sila wants to go to New York and the series is said to take place in California. So it's possible she is currently on her way to New York and does not live with the other Novi Stars, or is only planning a visit.
  • Oddly, despite the fact Sila appeared after Malie and Tula, but close to Gail and Cici's reveal, she is considered to have joined at the same time Malie and Tula did. Which can be shown in the newest commercial.
  • The tag that comes with Sila's doll shows her wearing a green crown, instead of the neon orange it actually is.
  • Sila is the second doll to come with a wig instead of sewn in/on hair. The first was Mae Tallick.
  • When you press Sila's earring, the light will not stay on unless you hold down on her earring.
  • As proven in the commercial she has some sort of a relationship with Malie Tasker and Tula Toned


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