Who do you think they are? i think that they might be the novi girls siblings.

Im like, SOO Excited for these new novi star characters!! i've been checking the novi stars facebook and website frequently to see if theres any new information about them!!!!!!! i still have FACEBOOK NOVI STARS popped up and the NOVI STARS STAR STATS page on the novi stars website popped up and i keep clicking on them to see if they put anything new and i keep pressing the refresh button LOL!

So, this is the story.

novi stars posted a status on their facebook December 4th that said "Hi Stars, Alie here! Some weird transmissions are coming through on our phone and we can’t figure it out! Check out all the details on the Star Log: What on Earth could it be!?" And then on december 6 they put this '''''"Hi Stars, Alie Lectric here! I want to show you part of the message we received on our phone. I’m hard at work trying to decode it for you. I’m hoping to have some of it decoded by tomorrow! What do you think it might say?"' along with a really weird picture that was of a text in a different language.

And then, they posted a picture saying this "Visual transmissions have come through! But they’re still too far away to be clear…They're getting closer..."

the day after that, novi stars posted "A SECOND transmission just came in and the landing will be soon! Check out the Star Stats page on to see the info we have so far!" along with this really cosmic pic!

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