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The website is the source for Novi stars. It contains five areas to explore: StarStats,StarChannel, StarChat, StarCatalog, StarLog, and StarGames.


StarStats is a menu that has the characters bios, info, and merchandise!


StarChannel is a sort of video station to watch Novi Stars comercials and Webisodes.


StarChat is where you can connect to NoviStars Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & Pinterest pages.


StarCatalog is where you can order merchandise (dolls, fashion packs, etc.) .


Starlog is where can read the girls' blogs.


You can play fun Novi Stars themed games here! As of now, there is just 2 games to play.

Stellar Star Bowling

In this game you can bowl with the novi girls who put a stellar spin on Earth Bowling! To start you can either begin to bowl or ask for help if your unsure of how to play.

You can pick a mode, easy, hard, or super-hard. Then pick from 5 Novi Stars:

  • Alie: Alie bowls with her electrifying abilities!
  • Ari: Ari levitates her ball, once it hits the ground click it to charge up power!
  • Mae: Mae Bowls to music when she throws the ball down the isle to help guide it towards the pins!
  • Nita: Nita uses cool neon lights while she is bowling, giving the entire alley a cosmic cool glow!
  • Una: Una floats until gaining her full power when she can fly the ball down the isle!

After picking which Novi Star you want, you can choose 1 of 5 colored balls: Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, and Yellow.  None of them have special abilities.

Knock Out


  • During Christmas the website had a very cute wintery theme. As of February however, it's been changed to just feature some cute hearts.
  • The max score on Stellar bowling is 300.


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